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Our best and most popular tools as gifts for garden friends with garden joy.

Massive copper alloy, turned beechwood handle. Castor is a convenient hand trowel with a beech handle and pointed, heart-shaped bronze blade. With its sharp edge and scoop shape, we find it is the most practical trowel for general weeding and planting. 31 x 8.5 cm
Its single robust curved prong can be used for rooting out stubborn weeds and aerating the soil. The handle is turned beech. Massive copper alloy, turned beechwood handle. 36 x 11 cm
Simply and brilliant! Nunki is an ingenious weeding tool. It has a beech handle and a sharp curved bronze blade, which allows the gardener to scuffle the soil and loosen weed roots in a simple action. 26 × 6.5 cm / 120g
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  •  PKS gardening tools enrich the soils with coppertrace elements and thereby provide plants with essential nutrients.
  • The design of PKS garden tools makes them especially light and effortless to use.
  • They have sharp edge.
  • Stay free of rust (or develop verdigris)* – but age with a graceful bronze patina, perfect for the coastal gardener.
  • They have an incomparably longer lifespan than devices from iron.
  • Minute amounts of copper create the conditions for beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Penetrate the soil easily -low coefficient of friction- less tendency for clay to cling to the tool.
  • Bronze is not magnetic – so does not disrupt the electrical fields in the soil.
  • Can be kept sharp with a whetstone, file or by peening (hammering the edge against a steel anvil).
  • They are hardwearing and will last for years.
  • They are a pleasure to own and use.

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