3-Claw “TAURUS”

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Also known as a cultivator, this tool is very light and comfortable to use. Massiv copper alloy, limewood shaft. 164 x 9 cm


Taurus is a cultivator, for working in the medium or larger vegetable patch. It stirs the soil and pulls up the weeds between the rows, and can be used to incorporate mulch or compost spread on the surface. The long, lightweight limewood shaft gives good reach across the beds.

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Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 164 × 9 cm

2 reviews for 3-Claw “TAURUS”

  1. Simon Craigie

    The 3 Claw Taurus Cultivator Tool is by far the best cultivator from an ergonomic point of view. With a very light Limewood Shaft, Only with use of this tool after using another brand, will you understand that it is simply superior in quality. I love this tool for getting through mixed borders.

  2. Simon Craigie

    I had this tool as part of my stock, but didn’t know what it was for! A well known gardener came to visit me and bought one! So I thought I must try it out! I noticed it is excellent for breaking up the surface of the soil, so that it looks as if the border has been dug over. It’s gives an excellent finish in half the time. I then tried rivals but found no comparison. It’s light and runs through the soil in lovely way.

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