Small Copper Spade “AUVA”

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Auva is a slender, elegant border spade. It has a steam-bent ash shaft and a beech T-handle. The head is work-hardened tin bronze, curved in two planes for additional strength. The pointed end to the blade is very sharp, allowing it to slice easily into the soil. The lip at the top of the blade saves your wellies, too. 112 x 15 cm

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 112 × 15 cm

5 reviews for Small Copper Spade “AUVA”

  1. simon craigie

    This is 2nd Edition of the Auva Spade, it is very strong with a good weight, sharp, yet a light shaft which is steam bent. It’s double plated, so represents very good value that it has been designed for hard work. This is the spade I use as part of my garden services. I have other spades I must admit, but this one is the best if you have a work load ahead of you. Just the better option! After 10 years of having these tools, they are getting closer to genuine, exposes how cheap some tools really are.

  2. Anita Brüggemann

    Am 30.10.13 habe ich meine Geräte bekommen und einen Tag vorher habe ich mit einem Metallspaten Erde von einer Stelle gehohlt um meine Aussaatkästen für Obst vor zu bereiten, mit Mühe. Gestern habe ich nun mit dem “Aauva” weiter gemacht und was erstaund wie leicht das ging, an der gleichen Stelle, Erde zu endnehmen. Kenntnis bekam ich aus dem Buch “Der lebendige Garten” das es diese Geräte noch giebt.
    Ich bin froh das ich mich durch gerungen habe das Geld aus zu geben.
    Vielen Dank für das tolle Werkzeug.

  3. simon craigie

    I actually gave this 5 Stars! It’s hard to find better gardening tools – they all get 5 Stars – Obviously for a particular application! – It’s finding the application! This is why I hold the full collection!

  4. simon craigie

    I have other spades that I keep in the van! Surprisingly I don’t bother using them much any more. My favorite one is the Auva Spade – good for planting work.

  5. Anja Maubach

    mein neuer Lieblingsspaten!!!Danke!

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